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Welcome to Antique Restoration Bristol.

Antique Restoration Bristol, professional antique furniture restoration since  1972.


We provide a comprehensive restoration service carried out at our the workshop.

Wherever possible materials used for repairs to period and antique furniture are selected from  reclaimed supplies.


A much loved heirloom or favourite piece of furniture can look dire after being damaged by prolonged exposure to  damp, or water from burst pipes or the after effect of fire hoses.
The good news is  it usually  looks far worse than it is. Most traditional finishes can be  restored with know-how and the correct application of the right materials.


French polishing is the  technique of applying many thin coats of shellac dissolved in alcohol using a rubbing pad that results in a high gloss finish, with a  depth of colour and clarity considered to be one of the most beautiful ways of polishing figured solid and veneered surfaces.

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